SILVER MARKER—Drawing as Excavating

“A 10-year Trajectory of Light”

Hiraku Suzuki perceives drawing as a way to excavate lines between pictures and language and he has been using a variety of approaches to continuously expand the possibility of drawing. Other than participating in exhibitions at numerous prestigious institutions in and out of Japan, the remarkably active artist has also worked on large-scale murals and performed in collaborations with poets and musicians, forging a new path to his own world as he traverses through different domains. This publication is a powerful compilation of drawings by the artist in the past 10 years.

As described in the title, this book consists of over 200 plates selected from the artist’s two-dimensional works and murals created with silver marker and spray paint between 2010 to 2019. Each series is printed in different papers as separate booklets and bound together with codex binding, giving readers a surprise as they flip through the pages. Exquisitely printed with silver ink, the silver (the reflections of light) and the marker (impressions and traces) on the pages invert the light and the darkness, reflecting a variety of expressions from the drawings that often remind us of the galaxy.

The publication also includes essays written by specialists from the archaeology, anthropology and fine art discipline, giving new light between “drawing” and “writing” as they resonate with the lines that Hiraku Suzuki excavate.

Publication Information
Title: SILVER MARKER—Drawing as Excavating
Artworks and Text: Hiraku Suzuki
Design: Yuri Suyama
Essays: Simon Kaner (Archaeologist / Executive Director and Head of Centre for Archaeology and Heritage, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures), Ryuta Imafuku (Anthropologist), Tomoko Yabumae (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
Published by HeHe
Special Support: agnés b.
Price: 8,900 yen (excl. VAT)
Size: 285 x 210 mm / 144 pages / Codex binding / Slipcase
*The back cover of each book is customized by the artist’s hand-inscribed lines (traces).
Languages: Japanese / English
ISBN978-4-908062-30-8 C0071
Released in January 2020


SILVER MARKER—Drawing as Excavating

タイトル:SILVER MARKER— Drawing as Excavating
特別協力:agnès b.
判型:A4変形(285 x 210 mm)/144ページ/コデックス装/スリーブケース
ISBN978-4-908062-30-8 C0071