Impressions of Amazon

Hiraku Suzuki

My memories are always virtually colorless. I wonder how yours look like… I for one have the impression that there are quite a few people out there who share this with me.

This summer it was raining a lot in the evenings in Tokyo, and walking or cycling around in the rain really felt like traveling in a tropical zone. An imaginary tropical zone that is, but different from that in Henri Rousseau’s paintings, in my rainy jungle rare plants, small animals and mushrooms were displaced with diffusely reflecting roadside markers, diamond-shaped traffic signs, and faces of homeless people. The monochromatic Amazonian forest is full of signs and looks somewhat digitalized. This impression has apparently infiltrated the streets and ultimately made the inside of my brain look like a jungle too. That’s why it appears to me that I drawn especially many pictures this summer.

September 2008
contribution to the catalogue “Diorama of the City: Between Site & Space – Six artists giving form to the invisible depths of daily life” published by Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site


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