About Artist

Tomo Imai (Curator of Arts Maebashi)

Just as archaeologists find relics in old rock strata with which to link the past and the future, Hiraku Suzuki discovers and draws various lines that lurk in today’s everyday surroundings, thus creating new links, new circuits, within time and space.

In GENGA (Suzuki’s neologism – a cross between gengo [language] and ginga [galaxy]), which the artist has set as his life’s work, he collects fragments of unknown signs using copy paper and markers, in order to create a language that will provide an alternative way to perceive the world. Constellation is a series of works in which imaginary constellations are drawn onto a Chinse ink background using markers, with nebulae composed of splashes of silver spray paint. Suzuki’s physical actions deconstruct and rearrange myriad characters and symbols into points and lines, to form a whole with a sense of movement and order. In the new work set up on the floor involving reflector plates, lights that evoke aerial images of cities have been drawn onto a background derived from the topography of Mars.

This series of works turns this basement gallery into a place to contemplate, within the framework of today’s standards, the moment when our prehistoric ancestors carved the first signs in cave walls, or the moment when the first civilization emerges on another planet.

October 2017
contributed to the group exhibition “Flap-flop, Clap-clop: A Place Where Words Are Born”


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